Complejo San Javier

In the heart of the most upcoming commercial area of the city, RACO designs a new mix use project that will gather two residential towers and a luxury commercial area that generates a series of  alternated commercial terraces that overcome the sites view to the upcoming area.  The buildings rotate to a favored orientated facade that slenderize its skin as it faces the north angles that accompanies the towers with a series of Unit balconies. Trace lines of such influence produce in the inferior levels, public entrances that branch from the human entrances and commercial track , to a different parking entrances and private residential entrances in the lower parking areas.

Residential towers as the turn away from commercial areas, produce tree main rest and entertainment areas that provide the residents with private spa / fitness  and hall spaces located in second and thirth floors as well as a sky pool and terrace that integrate well luxury accommodations for residents.  Commercial levels on the other hand integrate traces of continuity that produce a continuos track that integrates a series of restaurants and terraces that negotiate public integration to the context and the urban grid that allocates the distinction of the developed towers in the sloped landscape.

Project: Saint Xavier Tower Complex
Architects: RACO
Program: Mix Use Construction Area 38,000m2
Status: Scheduled for Construction on summer 2012
Design Date: August – May  2012
Construction Date: Summer 2012 – 2014
Location: Guadalajara. Mexico
Client: Local Bank