Rabago Architects & Consultants (RACO) originally founded as part of collaboration across disciplines and Architectural Design, Graphic and Industrial searches through collaboration with parallel areas of computer science, engineering and specialized construction, the interdisciplinary intersection manifested as Architectural Integration. As part of the conceptualization implied constant dialogue seeks to project the natural process of development, evolution and integration of design as an implicit consequence manifesting the filter and the dominant expression of each of the disciplines involved in the process. Dictated by both digital and analog technologies, the end result generates the projection of history in which the various interventions and treatment process induce a specific formalization.

Arnoldo Rabago (Director) graduated from Architectural Association School of Architecture London, extracurricular projects Kings Collegue and Si Arc. Formalizes practicing in studies in different parts of the world as Zaha Hadid Architects in collaboration on projects in America, Europe and Asia, with clients such as Rock Enterprises, Aeon Resarch, Guggenheim Foundation, City Bank, Fadesa, among many others. His work has been published Through various means as ADMagazine, World Architecture News, Dezeen, Blink, NYTimes, and others throughout the world.

Studio RACO  GDL / LA Contact: + (52) 33 38126010. a.rabago@ra-co.net