Alocated through the topographical inclination of the site, and distributed in order of orientations a series of axis are divided in the utilization of buildings of higher level with respect to the views of the property.

Through a depuration of the architecture of the area, the simplification of the architectural typology is abstracted in a system of continuous roofs that move in tandem with the topography generating terraces and a clear hierarchy of rooms which they understand in relation to a particular level of privacy.

Location: Cuernavaca, México
Site Area: 15000m2
Built Surface: 8000m2
Typology: Hospitality
Date: Octubre 2016
Architecture Team: Julio Gutierres, Ivan Cedillo, Carlos Rivas, Silvia Serafini, Laura Rabago, Arnoldo Rabago.
Engineering: Cautin, Sergein.