As a conceptual base the program finds the distinction of 3 primary buildings or cells that grant the possibility of a discernment of the public appropriate to assigned areas, which in turn and based on the conceptual form inspired by the physiognomy of the Mothers Cells.
They intersperse and distinguish their separate functions, leaving between them a system of communications and services that allow the perfect distinction of them in so much as to their operational areas and exterior green areas that works as a fabric of integration to the grid and urban function.

Location: Bajío, Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.
Site Area: 30000m2
Built Surface: 65000m2
Typology: Health Care
Date: Octubre 2016
Architecture Team: Julio Gutierrez, Ivan Cedillo, Carlos Rivas, Silvia Serafini, Laura Rabago, Arnoldo Rabago.
Engineering: Cautin, Sergein.