Located within an important road juncture, the building belongs and responds to the urban integration manifesting the expression and the speed of the road node under the torsion of its volumes that express the different views of the property.

Integrating the different halls, the enclosure through high-altitude vestibules redistributes a series of complementary spaces to the specific operation that they are related in privacy levels, from the splice with the outside to Private rest spaces in the highest and privileged views of the project.

Location: Bajío, Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.
Site Area: 15000m2
Built Surface: 8000m2
Typology: Institucional
Date: Febuary 2014
Architecture Team: Carlos Rivas, Ivan Cedillo, Julio Gutierrez, Silvia Serafini, Alberto Gonzales
Engineering: Cautin, Sergein